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Computer Related Links

The Avatar Factory:  Sometimes when you chat at places (like Excite) there is an option to use an Avatar, or little picture, to represent you. This site has some cool ones.
Absoulutely Free WebMaster Tools.... has a cool freeware web authoring program has free WebMaster tools....I use their guest book, forum and counter. - free feedback forms with out cgi script.
The Freebie Directory
Virtual Free Stuff - WebMaster Tools
Beautiful Fantasy wallpapers - My favorite is the black dragon.  :)
Free Screen Savers

1001 free fonts


Best free software downloading sites on the web

Legend Designz - lots of pretty floaters and trailers, for free.


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Who is Neil Gaiman, anyway?
The Great ISP hunt:

I'm always looking for an ISP.  Some of these feature free isps (I couldn't find one, but you might....good luck!!) and cheap ISP's.  I was set up with AT&T and would like to take this time to grumble about companies getting greedy, and not only raising the price to $11.00 (American) from $5, but cutting the hours from 150 to 50.  I would have stayed with the price raise, if they'd kept the hours, because a lot of people offer 10/150 hr kind of things.  I hate greed.

All Free ISP database.

The List:  A list of all ISP providers.  (I have found isp's not listed, so this is not a definitive list.)

A note - Unlike my Neil Gaiman pages, which were made for other people, these pages are, in a way, my personal book marks, that I'm sharing with you.  I can't vouch for these pages, and I certainly do not endorse any products that are for sale on them.  I just thought that maybe some of you would find the links helpful, or interesting, and so I'm putting them up here rather than having them crowd up my favorites folder.
I love fonts....

1001 free fonts

Font Freebies

Fancy Fantasy Fonts

Xsfonts - this site was very easy to use. has three (so far) free 'bats - the floral frame one, while it only has two frames, is very pretty, and the zodiac looks promising.

The Dingbat pages - a really great resource, has many dingbats sorted by category.


And some clip art....

Absolutely All Free Clipart

Animated Gifs

This and That Graphics - the bordered backgrounds page.

Clipart Guide - I hate all those annoying pop ups, but....

Free Graphics

GEWIS Clipart Library Index

Moonfairye's clipart collection - beautiful, twinkly things!

Nautical Clipart