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Living the Bohemian Life
Here are some nifty craft related sites.  I'll be adding more as I stumble across them.   This lot is mostly new cross stitch.  By the way, I don't endorse any product on these sites.  Really, I've just put these sites up because I found a thing or two I like, and thought you might find them useful.  Some of these links are coming out red, and I have no idea why.
Take me to:

Neil Gaiman's area
Computer stuff
The Library

All sorts of crafts....

Soap Making

Looks like fun!  I've never done it, though...soon, perhaps!

Soap making Recipes and Instructions by Elaine White Looks like it's an advertisement for her book, but includes lots of really good information.

Soap Making :  A ton of really great links and information about soap making...even has an article about old time soap making.

About's site is actually pretty good.  Bob Sherman even has a really good method for weighing wax without a scale.

Kid's Domain Craft Exchange - I usually avoid kid's stuff, but this recipe for easy soap is perfect if you're after pretty shapes, not making your own soap from scratch.


Pioneer Thinking is a really cool general craft site...covers things like preserving pumpkins, Ayurveda healing and, well, soap making....

Bead Street is a really cool page full of links and free bead work projects.

Clip Art

I have more clipart links on my computer page.  

More Clip Art's Fantasy Clipart page

Acacia Victorian Floral Clip Art


Stencil Designs

Stained Glass

Free Stained Glass Patterns on the Web

More Stained Glass Patterns

Stained Glass Links for Free Stained Glass Patterns

Stained Glass Pattern Archive

Stained Glass
You need to down load their free enlarging software, but some of their patterns are very pretty.  I have not used their software, so I have no idea how it works.

Stained Glass Art by Kinuku Laskey: Some very pretty, simple designs.

Visions in Stained Glass:  Thy have some very nice links, but really, I'm putting their link here because their works are so purty.  Take a look if you're into fantasy flavoured things.

Spectrum Glass Patterns:  Some very nice patterns, including a dragon.

Free Patterns Net:


Baroque Clothing

Costumes of All Nations

Costumes of Myanmar (Burma)

Costumes of the Levant

Another costume page....

LACMA Permemnant Costume Collection
some very beautiful examples of historical textiles and clothes.

Max Tilke:  Oriental Costumes Their Design and Color
Is a paper, with illustrations.

NGA:  Costumes from the Index of American Design

Ren Faire Costumes

The Costumer's Manefesto
A very complete and excellent site!!

The History of Costume by Braun and Scheider
Is an online edition of the book.  The book is also available from Dover.

The Way We Wore
Is a costuming business, with many pictures of clothing that they have reproduced for sale.  They have clothes from the 40's to the 70's.  I have never purchased from them, but I like to gape (and drool) at their clothes.

How to Make an Elizabethan Corset
has an online corset pattern generator - make sure you grab your tape measure before sitting down, as you'll need you measurements on hand...
(click on corset patterns, the next page will have a link to the generator)
A page of Corset Links
General Needlework:
has many pretty patterns for most of the major needle have to join, but membership's free and so far I haven't had any problems.
DMC Archive has some patterns, but you'll have to download a (free) special viewer.
Free Pattern Links

Cross Stitch & Embriodery
Offe's Cross-Stitch
has a floss data base, which is brilliant if you need help converting DMC floss colors to Anchor, J.P. Coates, and others. (You can also convert things the other way around.) She also has her own free patterns and other cool things...
The Jantzen's Cross Stitch Page has a shareware version of Hobby Ware's Cross Stitch designer. I've tried it, and while it may not have all the fancy things other (for pay) programs have, it's really pretty neat.
Bird Crosstitch Patterns
Dancing Violet Designs has some incredible free patterns, including pillows and doll house rugs.
Celtic Cross Stitch - has a free chart generator that generates charts for words.
TW Design Works - has a few free charts, including an adorable dragon.
Cauldron Crafts
Annabella's Cross Stitch Corner - has a floss conversion chart.
Stitchy Fingers
Stitch Alley - has free charts, but more interestingly, they offer black charts, for those of us sick enough to try and make our own.  :D
Celtic Cross Stitch
Wonderful Things - has a DMC floss card.
Old Willow's free charts
Better Homes and Gardens Australia has some purty free charts....
Black Work and Assisi Embroidery: This page contains some patterns and how to's for this specialized type of embroidery.
Johanna's Embroidery Stitch Diagrams also has a DMC list....
Cutworks complimentary designs
A Unicorn pattern at
Top 100 Crochet Sites
is a ever changing page of links, most, if not all offering free crochet patterns.
Crochet: The site has some really amazing fillet crochet charts (which can also be used for cross stitch) including dragons from charts dating in the early 1900's.
Crochet and Craft Links: Amazing Source!
Antique Crochet patterns...

My Craft World