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General Resources

Luminarium:  Medieval, Rennaisance and 17th Century manuscripts...very nice!


McSweeny's has articles on different subjects, including legends.  Informitive and clever.

The Godey's Lady's book.  The popular bit of Victoriana is now online, with pictures of fashions and articles.

The Library of Congress Gateway

The Open Directory's list of Arts and Writing Resources

Link to the Webseed Directory

Your has many resources.

I want to got back to the Library
Who is this Neil Gaiman bloke, anyway?
I came in on a Webring
I want to go back to the start page...
Magazine Search Engines

Electric Library - You can search for free, but seeing the actual articles requires membership.



Magazine Rack - Free Online Magazines


NewsDirectory Magazines

Newspapers in the United Kingdom - listings for individual UK papers.