Sandman: Master of Dreams 1-75
Special 1: Orpheus
"Fear of Falling" in Vertigo Jam  reprinted in Fables and Reflections
"The Castle" in Veritgo Preview Reprinted in The Kindly Ones
Are all collected into ten books, see previous page, books
There are also two Death Miniseries, Collected as
The High Cost of Living
The Time of Your Life
"Death Talks About Life" is a AIDS awareness flyer, and is bound in with The High Cost of....
Death Gallery
Endless Gallery
The Sandman Gallery
Sandman Midnight Theater
Winter's Edge 1 contains a Desire story
Winter's Edge 2 contains a Death story 1998
Winter's Edge 3 will have a new story 1999
The Quotable Sandman
The Dust Covers
(reprints all of the individual comic covers, with anecdotes by Dave McKean and Neil.)
And, of course, The Dream Hunters 1999

Black Orchid 1-3 (DC 1988-89)
Collected as a TP 1991
Legend of the Green Flame
Books of Magic
1-4 (DC 1990-91)
TO 1993
The Children's Crusade 1 (DC 1993)
The Children's Crusade 2 (DC 1994) with Alison Kwitney and James Delano. Continues a story that includes Suzy from Black Orchid,
Tim Hunter from the Books of Magic, And the two boys from Season of Mist.

Miracleman 17-24 (Eclipse started 1990)
Stardust 1-4, also collected in a TB, is also a book.
Collected at Miracleman Book 4: The Golden Age (Eclipse1992)
"Screaming" from this series was also (pre)printed in Total Eclipse 4
Miracleman: Apocrypha 1-3 (Eclipse1991-1992)
Three issue miniseries, Neil wrote "The Library of Olympus"

Midnight Days collects the following in one TP :
    "Jack in the Green"  (New)
    "Brothers"  Swamp Thing Annual
    "Shaggy god Stories"  Swamp Thing Annual
    "Hold Me"  Hellblazer 27
    Sandman Midnight Theater
"Angela" in Spawn 9 (Image 1993)

Angela 1-3 has been collected into a trade paperback (Image 1994)
Alice Cooper:  The Last Temptation 1-3, recently collected into a TP
Astro City: Confession
British Science Fiction Eastercon Program
"Hold Me" Hellblazer 27 (1989)
"Black and White World" Batman Black and White 2 (DC 1996, also collected in trade paper, 1997)
"Poison Ivy" in Secret Origins 50 (DC)
"Pavane" in Secret Origins 36
"Original Sins" Secret Origins Special 1
"When is a Door" Secret Origins Special 1
"Brothers" in Swamp Thing Annual 5
"Shaggy god Stories" in Swamp Thing Annual 5
"Preamble and Bits" Welcome Back to the House of Mystery (1998)
"Babycakes" first appeared in Taboo 4, (Spiderbaby Graphix 1990) and is also in:
Born to Be Wild (Eclipse 1991)
With out illustration:
Angels and Visitations 1993 (here after referred to as AV)
Smoke and Mirrors 1997 (SM)
Warning Contains Language (W!)
"Sweeney Todd" Taboo, a penny dreadful that was packaged with 6, 7 (unfinished, Spiderbaby Grapix/Tundra 1992)
"Holly's Story" Taboo 7 (a story by Holly Gaiman)
"Blood Monster" Taboo 6
"Being an Account of the Life and Death of Emperor Heliogabolus" is in
Cerebus 147, and in an ashcan of the same title. Also can be found on the web, on The Dreaming page.
"Celebrity Rare Bit Fiends." in Roarin' Rick's Rare Bit Fiends 2 and 3,
(King Hell. Some of Neil's dreams.)
"Comix Ecperiense" in Comix Experience 5th Anniversary Ashcan (Comix Experience, 1994, Illustrated by Neil Gaiman.)
Comic Relief Comic
Adventures Of Professor Thintwhistle And His Incredible Aether Flyer
1963 Issue 5
"Conversation Piece!" in 2000 AD 489. (Fleetway 1986) is also in 2000 AD Yearbook (1994)
Reprinted in Time Twisters 17
"I'm a Believer" 2000 AD 536 So by editorial staff changed that Gaiman no longer claims this as his. Reprinted in Time Twisters 18
"What's in a Name?" 2000 AD 538 (Fleetway 1987)
"You're Never Alone With a Phone!" 2000 AD 488 (1986)
"The Court" It's Dark in London (Serpent's Tail 1996) Re-written into a short story "Keepsakes and Treasures" for the 999 anthology.
"Cover Story" A1 Book 5 (Atomeka Press 1991) also appeared in Dirtbag 3 (Twist and Shout Comics 1994)
"Mister X: Heartsprings and Watchstops" A1 Book 1 (1989)
"False Knight on the Road" The Book of Ballads and Sagas 1. also in Sing Out Vol. 40 No. 4, (1996) Reprinted in Ballads TP (1997) and Sing Out V. 40 #4
"Feeders and Eaters" Revolver Horror Special (Fleetway, 1990) also in Asylum 2 and Best of Asylum Vol. 1 (Millennium 1993-94)
Outrageous Tales from the Old Testament
"Sloth" Seven Deadly Sins reprinted in Ex-Directory: The Secret Files Of Bryan Talbot!
"An Honest Answer"  is in WIIndows 21..  It's also in Vogarth 20, Ex-Directory: The Secret Files Of Bryan Talbot! and Unknown Quantities
"The Warlock's Reverie"  Negative Burn 50
"The Murders on the Rue Morgue"  Negative Burn 13, is an excerpt from Alan Moore's Songbook, Neil did the art.
"We Can Get Them for You Wholesale"  is reprinted in Best of Negative Burn Year One
Neil also has things in Negative Burn 11 and 25
"Luther's Villanelle"  is in WIIndows 16.Was written as a present for Bryan Talbot, who wrote and drew Adventures of  Luther Arkwright
He also has something in Adventures of Luther Arkwright 10.
"Only the End of the World Again"  Oni Double Feature 7 & 8 - an adaption of the story Neil wrote.
"The Return of Mink Stole"  in The Spirit, The New Adventures 2
Baron Story's Watch Annual is also known as Watch Annual 1996
Trident #1
Cherry Deluxe #1

And Neil wrote letters and introductions to:
A Distant Soil: The Gathering
Bacchus #1  "But What Has That To Do With Bacchus?"
Breathtaker Collection
Collected Omaha
Deadface: Immortality Isn't Forever
Dori Stories
Heart Of Empire #1
Instant Piano #3
Noodles (AKA Tundra Sketchbook Series V. 3)
Starchild 8-9

Works by other people that tie in with Neil's work.

Books of Magic 1-75 (?)
The Dreaming 1-60
The Books of Farie
The Girl Who Would be Death
Neil Gaiman's Wheel of Worlds
Neil Gaiman's Lady Justice
Neil Gaiman's Technophage
Neil Gaiman's Mr Hero

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