Keeping up With Neil:  The Widgett Interview
Scroll down a little for this Princess M. related interview.

Neil Gaiman Talks Princess Mononoke
Cranky Critic

Neil Gaiman
The Critical Eye interview, many pages.

Painting With Words
Boston Globe Interview

Interview With Neil Gaiman
The Gaming Intelligence Agency

All in the Translation
Lybarger Links

Cnn Chat with Neil Gaiman Transcript

The Writer Who Brought the Dream Back into Comics
Quadrinhos Universo HQ

Books Have Sexes
An Essay by Neil Gaiman at Powell'

Neil Gaiman's Outlook on Technology and Writing
Screen Savers at Tech TV
This is a description of the interview that was played on Tech TV.,23008,3334964,00.html

Speaking With the Sandman
Cinescape Interview

A Melting Pot of Genres in U.S. Tale
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

The Comic Store
two part interview with Neil, this is the first part, and it links to part 2.

The Soul of America
Another wonderful essay by Neil Gaiman at Border's

The Edinburgh Evening News

Cinescape has a two part interview...

The Cleveland Plain Dealer:  Author's Own Fantasy is a Good Night's Sleep

Hour 25
Has two interviews by Neil...need Real Player.  This is for this week's show...I'll need to track down the archived URL when they move it.

Writer's Write Has a new interview with Neil - Scroll down past the Bio....

Bitten By the Fantasy Bug

Star Tribune Online Article Had a chat and an interview in their Career section...

National Post Online ran an unusual interview...

Canoe Online

January Magazine

Neil Gaiman Interviews
Sound and Spirit:  Neil Gaiman Interview
    This will take you directly to the transcription of the interview.  To go to a list, which will link you to a place where you can listen to the interview, please go to

Gaiman and McKean Interviews, multiple pages:

SF Site:  A Conversation With Neil Gaiman

Addicted to Noise:  Comic Book Creators are Like Rock Stars,_Neil/980501/

Once Upon a Time

Amazon's Neil Gaiman's Fairy Tales for Grownups

Sorted Magazine:  Exit Sandman

Writer's Write

Clockwork Story Book:

CNN interview - need Real Player

Danger Media interview

The Austin Chronicle:  A sort of Legend

Amano's World

Eoscon 4 Chat Transcript
Neil and Terry Pratchett, April 2001

The chat transcript

Another chat transcript, this one a bit messy....

Lisa Snelling and Neil Gaiman Interview

Burn Magazine of my very favorites, but I can't seem to link direct.  Here's the long way: Click on archive, then scroll down until you find Neil's name...very much worth the effort!

Twenty Questions:  The Philadelphia City Paper Interview

Enter Sandman...The Digital Cardinal Interview

All About Romance:  Man in Black

Beau Yarbrough's Secret Identity, Neil Gaiman on the Road to Neverwhere

The Onion A.V. Club  The Sandman Returns, by Neil Gaiman
Two Princess M. related Interviews

Dream Weaver
Dallas Observer Interview

Tori Amos and Neil Interview
Sunday Independent, U.K.

This is a Transcription of a Chat done during Finncon 2000

Once Upon a Time
The 11th Hour Web magazine interview, during The Last Angel tour
(It's several pages's a link to the first.)

From Sandman To Guardian Angel
Inscriptions Magazine

The Illustrated Man:
Stardust era article in The Guardian,4273,3883108,00.html

B& has an interview:
(Scroll down some)

Please take me:
Magazine Interviews

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Neil Gaiman's Book Launch for American Gods:  These are pictures from a party.

Enter Sandman's World:  A review of Season of Mists, mostly.