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Ben is Dead # 29

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    Many of Busted's articles on Neil can be found at the Comic Book Legal
Defence Fund Website.  Search Gaiman, and you'll find a wealth of stuff.  www.cbldf.org  

"Lying Awake and Dreaming in the Story Teller's Field " Carpe Noctum Issues 13 & 14, has a very nice interview with Neil, talking about writing, interpretations, influences and poetry.

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Hetherington, Janet.  Combo "Neil Gaiman's New Nightmare." Number 4, May 1995.
    Talks about
Tecknophage, only one quote from Neil, lots of purty pictures from the comics, a very nice article, but not worth killing yourself to find, as the information can be obtained elsewhere.  

Waiter, Stanley and Stephen R. Bissette.  "Neil Gaiman:  A Man for All Seasons."  Comic Book Rebels
Irimus Press, 1993 - Yep, a book, but this is the best place for it.

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Comics Interview Super Special Features Sandman and Includes both the Herfing Interview, and one that was printed in an earlier Comics Interview, By Whitely.

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Huge article, definitely worth getting one's hands on.

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A sort of Prolouge to above interview, mostly about Sandman.

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The end of Sandman, what's up next.

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Half column article about the Reflex magazine interview where Neil talks about a real murder made to look like Sandman inspired suicide.

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Interview with Neil and Jill Thompson

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It's a reference series you'll find in most academic libraries. Personal information: schooling, when he got married, awards, bibliography.

Creative Screen Writing, November 1999.

Gaiman, Neil. "The Coolest Thing I Know." Details. Oct. 1999, Pg. 51 (a short little paragraph with a cool pic.)

Dreamwatch 83, August 2001.  Neil Interview

Entertainment Weekly 604, July 13 2001 has a rather poor review of AG, but a rather nice picture.  If you care about such things.  ;)

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Interview with Neil and Terry Pratchett

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Neil's Early Comics work.

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Why he ended Sandman, Neverwhere the series.

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Sandman, Mr. Punch, and Neil's Comics background.

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Funny interview where they discuss Good Omens, and Neil mentions writing a story called Wall.

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Woderful interview written with out an interviewer present...it's just Neil talking about his work. Locus sells their back issues very reasonably, check their website www.locusmag.com.

Davis, Mike . "Neil-The Man Behind the Shades." Lucanae, Issue 3, July/August 1995

Covert, Colin. The Dream King. Minneapolis Star Tribune. 07-09-96?. The Usual Background, life after Sandman, Info from friends as well as Neil.

Person, Lawrence "Neil Gaiman Interview" Nova Express, Part One, Summer 2000, Part 2, Fall/Winter 2000.  
    I was only able to get this via mail order.  check out www.novaexpress.org or P.O. Box 27231, Austin TX 78755 to see if they still have any issues...I'm not sure that they do.

National Public Radio. Pursuing Dream Projects, Sandman Creator caps Pen. NPR's Morning Addition. 4-23-96.
I got this one from a friend who usues the Electronic Library. It's a Sandman article, with quotes from Vess.

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Book 85? Same stuff, but a little updated. Also look in Authors and Artists for Young Adults 19, also by Gale.

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    Stardust. Can also be found at http://www.geocities.com/area51/zone/9923/igaiman.html

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, Annabelle. "Enter Sandman" Wicked, Winter 1999, Pg. 20.
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Titain 1999, another book.  

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