Neil's Multimedia Credits and other things...
Babylon Five:  The Day of the Dead:  Neil's episode of the television series. You can buy an annotated script from Dreamhaven Books and The Co,ic Book Legal Defense Fund.  You can also buy the video.

Princess Mononoke:  Neil took the translation of the script for this anime movie and wrote a western script that would make the dubbed version's English  track flow well with the animated character's mouth movements.  He also re-wrote areas to explain them to a western audience.  

Just to be nit picky I ought to mention here that Neverwhere started out as a six part television series written by Neil.  It will also be, if all goes well, a full length movie.  The video is available in PAL format only - something to double check when you're thinking of buying the video and you have NTSC  (North America uses this format, I have no idea if anyone else does.)  playing VCR.  

Snow Glass Apples:  A Hearing Ear Theater dramatization, script written by Neil.   Chilling!

Murder Mysteries:  A Hearing Ear Theater dramatization, script written by Neil.  

Warning:  Contains Language :  A spoken word cd where Neil reads some favorite tales.  Hard to find - Dream Haven books carries it, and soon it will be re-released as two cd's rather than one double.  He has also recorded more stories to be released on further cd's.  when you listen to the first cd, hang on after Banshee.  Approximately 17 minutes after that song is a very wonderful hidden track.  Supposedly this will be fixed in the next version.

Live at the Aladdin : Is a video of a reading done during the Last Angel Tour.  Just as the tour did, this tape's proceeds benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Notes from the Underground : Another VHS, this tape contains an interview done with Neil.  It covers Neverwhere and First Amendment rights, and it too benefits the CBDLF. It may be hard to find.

The Flash Girls:  A really, really cool folk group!  They play brilliantly, and have a wonderful wit about them.  Some of their songs have been written by such nifty people as Alan Moore, Jane Yolen and, you guessed it - Neil Gaiman.  The Fabulous Lorraine is Neil's assistant, a job I could never take because every time Neil needed me to do something I'd be off reading books from his collection.  While  The Return of Pansy Smith and Violet Jones is long out of print (Sniff!) you can still buy Maurice and I and their very newest, Play Each Morning, Wild Queen.  You can get their cd's at Fabulous Records and Dream Haven.  

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